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Creating stronger mind, body and souls. 30 day challenge. In person or online 

January 9th through February 6th nd      ONLINE ONLY DOES NOT INCLUDE  GROUP CLASSES


This is a 30 day challenge that is meant to help you break mental blocks and barriers you have with fitness and health as well as start the new years off on the right tone. The emphasis is to create a strong mind and a strong, body. The style of training will be recomp (shred and lose fat) training that has slight progressive overload each week and can be done at home or at gym. The online version of this challenge does not come with inperson training and you will do the workouts in the program on your own time at the gym or at your home.  


This challenge comes with:

-30 Day Shredding Program   

-Demo of exercises

-Mindset Training to Win

-Guided Affirmations and Meditations  

-5 minute Journal

-Meal Guide/Recipes  

-Support Group Chat on Telegram



Winners of Challenge will receive:

-$300 grand prize winner

-$150 second place winner

-Supplements (up to $100 value) 3rd place winner


Challenge starts January 9th to February 6th. An email will be sent to you January 3rd  that includes a pdf of the Mind+Body+Soul New Year's Challenge. 


Winner chosen Febrary  8th or 9th

*make sure you take before and after pictures from the front, sides and back

*make sure you keep track of how much weight/body fat you lost

*make sure you have a testimonial of your experience from the challenge

*make sure you tag focusedgainz and sarahisfocused on all of your posts so we can see you working. All these will determine who wins the challenge




Online Only 30 Day Mind+Body+Soul New Year's Challenge

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